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Norway Tuition Free Universities – Do to it standard of education, tuition free Universities. Norway has become a popular destination for international and domestic students to enroll for any program without paying any tuition fees. The Norwegian public universities don’t charge tuition fees for both domestic and foreign students due to the government of Norway is in-charge of it educational finance through taxpayers money.

In some cases it’s understandable that there are other programmes and courses that requires fees. Meanwhile Scholarships corridor has researched which universities in Norway that doesn’t require tuition fees before applying for admission or programmes at the schools. So be sure to check below to see the tuition free universities in Norway, but before we go let show you other things you need to know about Norwegian tuition free Universities.

According to the living expenditures in Norway are higher compared to other nationalities like United Kingdom, United States and Germany etc. Students who wants to enroll for a program in Norway have to take care of their living expenses, so as it implies Universities in Norway and state university college do not charge fees for international students. But what they students have to take care of is their living expenses and some other things like paying for their own study materials (books/teaching) and it ranges from NOK 300-600 ($50-100) fees per semester, but per vary in some schools.

Though an average student expenditures ranges from NOK 9000 (approximately €1000 Euros) per month on board and lodgings, clothing, transport, medical and dental care and other things. But in some cases the living expenses vary from individuals to individuals.
However, the point to note here about Norway universities is that living in Norway has a reputation for being expensive, but studying in Norway might not be as expensive as you may think. Universities in Norway and State universities colleges don’t charge tuition fees for international students.

Tuition Free Universities in Norway for International Students.

Below are tuition free Universities in Norway for international students. However if you wish to enroll in any of the universities ensure to visit any of them you are interested in and find out more of their requirements and their application selection methods.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU offers all students a distinct advantage over many other universities in Europe and North America. No tuition fees for students here, but students have to cover their own living expenses. However, international students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/EFTA nationalities must have a proof of documents that’s shows that the have enough funding to live in Norway for them to granted a students visa.

Oslo and Akershus University Colloege of Applied Sciences

For its a stated owned institution HiOA do not charge tuition fees. This implies to both Norwegian and International students. But there is a mandatory fees, the semester fees, covering membership in the student welfare organisation, uses of printers and other necessities. The Semester fees is currently NOK660 per semester. Incase if you plan to attend HiOA as an exchange student, you will automatically exempt from any fees.

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University of Nordland – Formerly Bodø University College

The University of Nordland do not charge any tuition fees. But the Norwegian Government requires that students from Outside the European Union (EU) can provide a minimum amount of money to cover their living expenditures for one academic year in Norway. The current amount of money to be transferred to the University of Nordland is NOK 92 500 for the academic year.

University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is a public institution and therefore does not charge tuition fees. This applies to both domestic and international students. The University of Bergen only allows you to pay a semester fee to the students Welfare organisation (SiB), currently NOK 480.

Bergen University College

The Bergen University College offers an accommodation guarantee at SiB student accommodation. The guarantee is valid if you apply within 1st of May and 1st of November and if your courses start at the commencement of the semester, in August and January.

BI Norwegian Business School

The BI Norwegian Business School tuition fee is waived for students from BI’s partner universities who are nominated as exchange summer programme students by their home university. Students from BI Partner universities who are not nominated get a 50% tuition fee reduction. The BI Norwegian Business school offers a number of summer programme scholarships. The scholarships are awarded based on both academic and personal qualifications, and as well financial need. They consist of a full or partial waiver of the tuition fee.

The Artic University of Norway

No tuition fees for international students at UiT, however living costs in Norway are a bit higher, compared to other European Nations. You only need to pay a semester fee of about NOK 500, approximately $65 US Dollar.

HedMark University of Applied Science

Generally all ordinary study programmes at Higher Education Institutions in Norway are tuition free for Norwegian as well as international students.

Lillehammer University College

Application deadlines: May 1 for the fall semester and October 15 for the following spring.

MF Norwegian School of Theology

All international students must arrive in Oslo with adequate funding to pay for students fees, registration fees, accommodation and various living expenses. However, apart from a relatively small student fee/registration fee there is no tuition fee to study at MF.

Molde University College – Specialized University in Logistics

International students from nationalities were visa is required for entering Norway and the Schengen countries, have to provide a document of minimum of NOK 90800 per academic year or NOK 45400 per semester to cover for their own living expenditures for their study in Norway.

Bergen Academy of Art & Design, Norway

KHiB is Part of the public education system in Norway, which means that students don’t need to pay any tuition fees. International students should be prepared to provide their funding to cover living expenses and material from home countries. Application closing deadlines: MA in Fine Art: 1 February, MA in Design: 2 April.

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Narvik University College

For you to obtain entry permit from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration for studying in Norway, NOK 92500. (2012) and should be deposited in a Norwegian bank account, preferably not later than 1st of June. This funding is supposed to cover living expensed in Norway for one year. Applicants must fulfill all requirements before 1st July. The application deadline is 1st of March

Nesna University College

The admission requirements for international students depends on your country, as it must correspond to the Norwegian admission criteria to higher education.

NLA University College

The NLA University College admits that they want more international students at NLA. However, for this the university have decided to have a reduced semester fee for international student who are on track with their studies. The application registration fee for international students is 1475 NOK, which is considered cheaper than National students. This also grants membership in the student Welfare organisation. House rents, meals, textbooks and travel costs are your own responsibility expenditures and are not included.

Other Norwegian Tuition Free Universities

See list of Universities and Colleges in Norway

How to Apply for Admission?

If you need to apply for admission into any of the Norwegian tuition free universities, then you need to request applications from the institutions of your choices. The applications should be directed and sent officially to specific institution you are aspiring for. Some institutions has differents ways of selecting applicants. For institutions with an online application portal, ensure to fill out the appropriate informations and submit accordingly.

For Undergraduates Applicants?

All the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS) coordinates the admission to regular undergraduates study programmes at all the Universities, University College, and some private university colleges in Norway. student with a abroad secondary education, holding a permanent or renewable residence permit for Norway must apply for admission through (NUCAS). All online application deadline is 1st March for foreign students, and all needed requirements must acknowledge by 1st July. In as much you need more information, please refer to the Universities and Colleges Admission Services. For Bachelor’s studies taught in English language, please refer to this page and visit individual school portal through the links above here.

For Masters Applicants?

If you are an applicants enrolling for Master’s programmes where languages classes are taught in English, you should kindly visit the official online Master’s programmes catalogue and check it by subject area. Note that admission requirements are subjected and decided per university and college based on academic evaluation of the applicants. You can get more information on the individuals link above here.

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For PhD Applicants?

All PhD programmes taught in english, please refer to the any of the institutions above to see which are available.

Official Letter and Deadline?

For you to get application forms and other needed information within the stipulated deadlines, you have to directly contact each university or university college. Application deadlines for abroad students falls between December 1 to March 15 for courses starting the following autumn (August). Try as much as you can to get in-touch with the institutions of your choices, because some institutions have separate “Pre-qualification” deadlines that per vary accordingly.

International students who wish to stay in Norway for short period of time either (3-months) will have to gain access to a “Student Residence Permit. However, requirements and applications procedures depend on your current nationalities of your stay. Moreover Visa are only issued for a period stay of 90 days “for a certain summer programs”. You can refer to this page to read about rules and regulations to avoid through your application processes. You can get more information here through this page.

In other to help the students to pay off some debts, students are allowed work for a period of 20 hours per week. Some certain restrictions apply. Financial aids, scholarships, bursary are open for abroad students, your eligiblity criteria falls on your nationalities of residence and your level and success in you academics. You can get more information on this page

This are the list of Norway Tuition Free Universities for International Students, if you feel there are schools which need to be here, please don’t hesitate to let us know by using the comment box

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