IVY League Universities | Ivy League Schools Requrements | Why Should I study in IVY League Schools?

The term IVY league Universities, Schools is just like other Universities in the United States that offers undergraduates and graduates degrees. Due to the atmosphere in the University it has become a destination for students who are in search to undergo a Undergraduates and graduates studies and even with other reasons as the University tends to give their at most best to it candidates.

I brought you this page so you could know about IVY league Universities and requirements needed to enroll for a program of your choice, so without much talk let me quickly dish in about IVY League Universities, there requirements and enrollment process and their list too.

What is IVY League Universities?


Ivy League has perfection in Academic excellence, selectivity in admission process, and social elitism. It begin early in 1933, and it became effective and official only after the formation of the NCAA Division I athletic conference in 1954. The seven of the schools were founded during the colonial period.

The IVY league colleges has mounted seven of the nine Colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolutions and other two were Rutgers University and College of William & Mary.

The IVY League Universities is practically known for it outstanding upper hand in offering a well standard of education. The schools are ranked among the top best Universities globally by United States News Channels and World Journalism. The eight Universities is among the top fourteen of the 2019 U.S News and World national university rankings, even the four Ivies in the top three “Columbia and Yale are listed third” the U.S News has described and proscribe the member of the IVY league as the best National university in each of the past eighteen years with rankings, Princeton eleven times , Harvard twice and other two schools listed for first five times.

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For the Undergraduate admission has shown that enrollment roles from about 4,000 to 14,000, making them larger more than private liberal arts colleges and public state university. The admission enrollment ranges from 6,400 at Dartmout to over 20,000 at Columbia, Cornell Harvard, and Penn. Such case the IVY league financial endowments ranges from Brown’s 3.5 billion to Harvard’s 34.5 billion, making them the largest and fastest growing financial endowment of any academic institution globally.

What are the Ivy League Universities?

Below are the charts that’s will show you the eight IVY Universities and is a great thing to note them down carefully

Above is the list that make up the IVY league Universities, so don’t be surprise about the list. Meanwhile, now that you have seen the list of IVY league, you can rest-assured and apply for your admission on IVY league. So in other continue read below to see other things you probably need to know about IVY League Universities.

What Should I do to study in IVY League Universities?

On this article above we clearly explained and proscribed about Ivy league universities and also we listed schools that make up the Ivy leagues universities. Now we will tell you what you should do in other to study in Ivy league universities. So note them below.

  • Getting admission in this schools is so competitive, that your chances are as high as 10% rating, so students who wish to enroll should be willing to bring their at most best and standards, this indicates that students need high profile than the ones in the average government schools.
  • When trying to enroll into Ivy league ensure to note and check their requirements as here is the place were they seek for bright students with test scores (SAT, GRE, LSAT), GPA, recommendations from previous attended schools or well known profile professors, extra-curricular activities, and other educational successes.
  • On your pursuits to run a major corporation, get hold of public office in a government, as well get advantage in research and innovation, this colleges have the capacity to elevate, polish a brighter future.
  • When you feel like enrolling for a colleges, schools, universities make sure you do alot of research and don’t rely on a third parties informations as the final source, ensure to check the school website for their requirements and criteria of what they need before they can accepts you in their institutions.
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