International Scholarships in Germany

International Scholarships in Germany -Germany for it standard of education towards offering a good enhanced education to international student has made the country a global destination for foreign students searching for an international education. Germany offers a standard rate’s of recognized educational system program compared to other countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia. There are quite a global number of international scholarships for international students who are staggering to further their education at a global standard level.

Germany is actually one of the world economic giant that ranks fourth largest nominal GDP across the globe, number of G10 country and have the lowest unemployment rates likewise other European Union countries. Germany GDP more  than half of it comes from information and technology, and the rest are from Industry and agriculture accordingly. Backed up with a with a well skilled worker for each and considered one of the highest labors productivity among OECD countries and makes Germany the third’s largest exporter across the globe.

Just six years ago (October 2014), all Universities in Germany will not charge any tuition fees for undergraduate studies. However in some Federal States. Universities will charge semester contribution of (about 50 euros) and administration fees of (about 50 euros). The tuition fees structure can change anytime in the future. You can get more information about it on the official page for more updated information on tuition fees in different Federal States in Germany, for instance, the federal state of Baden-wurttemburg is charging tuition fees (for bachelor’s, Master’s, Deploma and state examination degree programmes) of €1,500 per semester for non-Eu citizens; Read More

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship


Konrad Adenauer Stiffung is was formerly known as society for Christian-Democratic Civic Education and is a political foundation established in (1955) and later renamed to Konrad Adenauer Stiffung in (1966) in a honor of Konrad Adenauer as the first Germany federal chancellor. The institutions gives scholarships for international well-performimg students to further their education in Germany. The scholarship is provided only for master, postgraduate, doctoral, ph.D and also research programs in Germany University.

What are the eligibility and Requirements before been considered?

Applying for Scholarships has many things needed and applications documents you must possess in other to apply for Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship for international students from allover the globe who can demonstrate and also prove to have above average academic well-performimg, have a positive and supported forward on democracy and human rights, open-minded and practice tolerance with those who have different ethnicity beliefs and respectively indurge in voluntary work in their destinative home countries.

Well-performimg International students applying for Scholarships are to note the following criteria:

  • The age requirement is limited to 30 years old.
  • The minimum scholarships is acknowledged at least one year and the Candidates should possess a minimum two semesters left of their study or research program in Germany, for medicine and pharmacy students.
  • Candidates should complete their intermediate national exam in Germany or enquivalent level of other qualifications from other countries.
  • Candidates who hold doctorate degree is not eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • All selected candidates are required to have a sufficient Germany language minimum B2 level.
  • However at some cases selected applicants that receive a Konrad Adenauer scholarships are required DSH Exam (Germany-language examination for college admissions) or an equivalent high scores before starting their academic programmes. You can get additional information at Konrad Adenauer Portal –Read More also you can get more details and enquiries on Konrad Adenauer office in your home country –Read More
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Goethe Goes Global Scholarships


The Goethe Goes Global scholarships is an international scholarships programmes that commenced in 2018 and funded by Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitet Frankfurt and mainly known Goethe University’s or the University of Frankfurt for short. The Goethe University is still considered the best Universities in Germany and Europe region as a whole. And several known alumni’s from the University also have been awarded noble prizes that ranges from physics, chemistry, medicine, physiology, and economy.

The Goethe Goes Global scholarships provide the scholar’s with monthly financial support worth 1000 EUR, there aim is to welcome well-performimg international students and researcher to do research at Goethe University.

What are the eligibility and Requirements before been considered?

In need for a good measure standard education typically needs requirements and eligibilities that govern it. So the following criteria are what you should possess before taking the scholarships application.

  • The Scholarships is categorized for Master’s program and the students should provide Bachelor’s degree outside Germany
  • Be able to show high interest in research, and well-performimg academic record in the fields that you are aiming for.
  • Have a role in interaction ideas with other international researchers.
  • Almost 75 Master’s program in Goethe University, some are linked to the research unit to verify which Master’s programmes that have research unit, Read More

What Credentials do I need to have for the Scholarships Application?

The documents that you should probably need for the Scholarships”besides for your Master’s programmes applications” are comprised as follows

  • Your Motivation letter
  • A CV in tabular form
  • A recommendation letter from professor or high profile in your respective Universities.

Method of Application

  • On before Application Submission you should commence your application on desired master degree programmes. Please see Goethe University Master’s programmes. Read More
  • Also note that the program can be submitted through Uni Assist. Read More
  • Note: Uni-Assi is a third-party institutions that processes the admission of international student at some point; Read More
  • However if your application of your selected program required direct Application Submission, you should submit your scholarships form with your Master’s programmes applications respectively. Meanwhile we advise you to get in contact with related department for any detailed requirements on before application.
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Application deadline for the Scholarships Application Submission varies in some cases. It’s advisable to get more information on the department of your selected programmes for the commencements of your application date and equally the deadline. Candidates with Successfully application will be notified and contacted by the end of September. Please verify more information about the Goethe University Scholarships Application at the official webpage for detailed guidelines. Read More

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