10 Colleges Without Application Fee in Texas for International Students

10 Colleges Without Application Fee in Texas for International Students

Texas is one of the dream place for an international students who wants to further and pursue their education abroad. Texas is one of the states that conjoined and make up the United states of America (U.S) and it allows internationals students to enroll and further their studies either with scholarships or applying direct to the university the are aspiring for in their academic pursuits.

In sense that there are colleges that charge a little amount of money for admission application, there are also thousands of colleges that don’t need application fee in Texas with little and less affordable tuition fees and even with a scholarships, grants, bursary, and other opportunities, making sense right? So if you are wondering those schools that don’t need application before enrollment, then read on here.

As the mention of United States of America, many people think that schools and colleges there are not affordable right? But you should understand that United States Government are working tirelessly to make the life of students much easier, in as much they have gone to provides many scholarships, grants, bursary and fellowships for their country indigenes and as well for international students from developed countries.

As a less privilege from a poor and undeveloped countries the things that hook up your mind is which colleges can i apply abroad that doesn’t need much tuition fees or money for application or you will even be cracking your brains searching online to find valuable scholarships opportunities to apply.

Some colleges and schools their tuition fees are as little as $200 to $400 and above and one sad thing about it is that those fees are not refundable once you make your payment, and one funny thing is that they don’t care if you are admitted or not that why international students always think twice before paying application fees.

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Also there are some universities that do not charge any fee for application, you can only pay a little some of money once you have being given admission to grab your admission. In my own very universities here in my own country they call it acceptance fees or maybe something like that, it might not be same with yours, am just breaking it down for you.

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So without much aldo let quickly show you those colleges you have being dieing to see that they don’t collect application fees in Texas “United States of America….

Ten Colleges Without Application Fee in Texas for International Students

  • 1. Trinity University
  • 2. Southwestern University
  • 3. LeTourneau University
  • 4. Austin College
  • 5. St Mary’s University
  • 6. University of St Thomas
  • 7. Northwest Visa College
  • 8. Texas A&M International University
  • 9. MCLennan Community College
  • 10. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

So you have seen it as we have listed the Colleges Without Application Fee in Texas for International Students. In as much we will break it down for you and what those schools can offer for you so keep calm and read on below.

1. Trinity University
This one is listed number one here on our website, the are one of the colleges without application fees in Texas. Trinity University has a wide range of academic merit scholarships which are open to students. In sense that they university charges no initial fee for admission application, but however requires admitted students to pay as little as $500 to secure their admission spots within a stipulated deadlines.

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2. Southwestern University
The Southwestern University has zero $0 charge for admission application. The school also have wide range of internal scholarships opportunities for outstanding international students. The University offers both merit scholarships and finacial aids to it students.

3. LeTourneau University
This one falls third on our list. The University charges zero percents application fees and it’s open to application form to international students from over 30 countries across the globe.

4. Austin College
The Austin college is known for it affiliation with the Prebyterian church and it charges zero percents fees for admission. They college also offers a wide numbers of scholarships and grants for both indigenes and international students.

5. St Mary’s University

This are actually one of the prestigious University in Texas United States of America that charges zero percents application fees. The university also offer some scholarships and financial aids to students.

6. University of St Thomas
Despite it name, the University of St Thomas don’t charge application fees. The university also have some wide range of scholarships and students aids for well-performing students.

7. Northwest Vista College
As we said, all mentioned here doesn’t charge application fees so does this implies to Northwest Vista College.

8. Texas A&M International University
The Texas A&M International University is a state-supported university located in Laredo Texas. The much interesting facts is that the school is open to fresh application from fresh men and also transfers from other schools within the United States and international as well.

9. McLennan Community College
The college is a public community college in Texas United States. The institution charges zero application fees and they also offers wide range of scholarships and financial aids.

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10. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is a well known university in Texas, United States and they charges zero percents fees for application. Also the provides students with financial aids and scholarships.

If you wish to enroll or gather more information on any of the schools mentioned, you can follow any of the school links to land on the official website from there, you can get more additional informations and so on.

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